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We have over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Global Energy Industry with small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies. 1 Grid Solutions offers consulting and management services to start-ups and established businesses that want to launch new products/services or expand their existing portfolio in the Energy Industry.


Our Approach

The Energy Industry is going through a significant revitalization with the introduction of renewable energy technology. The opportunity for new products and services to support this fast-growing market is significant. However, launching a new product/solution or company is a very complex and timely process in the Energy technology space. 1 Grid Solutions can assure that your concept/products/solutions are a "good fit" for the market space and identify the "best fit" customers for your product/solution offering. Maximizing your time and investment resources.

Experienced Sales & Marketing Consultants with Global Experience in the Renewable Energy Industry

Why Us?

1 Grid Solutions has a global team of experienced sales and marketing consultants with the knowledge and expertise to handle a full spectrum of projects in the energy industry worldwide. From Smart Grid Infrastructure to Renewable Energy Technology we can guide you through all the phases of product introduction, market planning and successful sales launch.  

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